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Chapter 2: War Has Two Sides

Jousuke fell to his knees, his gaze focused solely on the ground. He knew what he would see if he looked up, so he resisted. The smell of roasted flesh hits his nose, his eyes water and he begins to gag. He puts his hand to his mouth to keep from vomiting. His face begins to fill with emotion, his here's his head upwards, his face to the sky.

"This is not a game!"

"This is not a game! People are suffering. People are dying! We're not performers in your twisted circus!" Jousuke cries as his head falls.

"Checkmate..." A deep raspy voice whispers.

Jousuke slowly stands to his feet, taking a knee, and turns around in the direction of the voice. He sees a stranger, strange because he recognized the voice. On a branch above him is a man who stans robotically at attention, wide eyed and no conciousness. A cloak of chakra begins to engulf him taking the shape of someone else, the man who the voice really belongs to. The chakra begins to materialize. An older gentleman replaces the stranger.

He seems to be in his early 50s and has long blonde hair that covers his right eye and extends well to his waist. He has a simple scar across his left cheek. His eyes are faded, almost solid white, he is blind. He wears a simple dark green cloak that would cover any normal clothing.

Jousuke grits his teeth.

"This is not a circus! We're not simple minded animals to be manipulated for your sick profit! We've proved we can live in peace before, why would you-"

"You know nothing child!"

"I've fought in many battles, seen what war causes! I've seen my comrades cut down beside me! I've even had to face fallen comrades! War has no rules, that is the truth! You are the posion and we are the antidote! We will finally bring true peace to this world!"

"Wake up Inogi!" Jousuke curses.

"You fight in the name of peace but you forget that in order to cure to a snake's venom, it is his own venom that is required! Peace is a precious flower, it will bloom in season and it's beauty will be known, but there will be times where it hides it's petals!"

"You fool! You don't know how precious peace truly is! You don't appreciate the flower as I. You all just gawk and stare until you've seen you fill, then you abandon it and leave it to die! I appreciate it's beauty and will preserve it! I'll take for myself so it can't be abused and care for it! With me this flower won't wilt! It will forever bloom, even if I must freeze it!" Inogi argues.

"If you know the pain of fighting your own comrades, why do you pit them against us! Why Inogi, if this pain is truly unbearable why do yo u wish it upon us?!"

"As I said earlier, war has no rules. This is the cost for our dreams to be accomplished, for the Shinsekai! With my Appeal to the Masses Technique, we will accomplish this. A new world is coming, a world of peace."

"You're insane!" Jousuke hisses.

"Sometimes to save a patch of flowers from the thorn bush, you must make two sacrifices. You must bear the pain if the thorns ripping into your flesh, and you must be willing to risk some of the flowers being ripped apart in the process. You cannot save them all, but if even a root makes it, you can plant a whole new field. There will never be peace without sacrifice, and for this flower to bloom, you are those sacrifices." Inogi finishes.

Jousuke clenched his fist.

"You bastard... You bastard!" He screams lunging himself skyloft towards Inogi drawing a kunai knife.

"You're time is coming Inogi!"

Inogi smirks as he fades, leaving the stranger he replaced behind. Jousuke's kunai plunges into the man's chest causing them both to come crashing to the forest floor. The strangers body lands with a thud, Jousuke is in full mount. He knew this would be the result but became overcome with emotion.

He clenched his kunai tightly, drawing more blood from the man's deceased body.

He looks towards the sky, the clouds have begun to clear and the bright orange of the setting sun illuminates the open spaces. It was time for him to return to his company.

The battlefield of Hibaku and Ari versus The Elemental Tasu

Two kunai clash, a spark is shortlisted as their wielders retract them only for them to met again. Fists and legs fly, counters are made only to be defended against. This was the ongoing result of two legendary ninja locked in combat. One young but skilled far beyond his years, the other a legend by design. Both the wielders of an arsenal that has been the downfall of many.

Hibaku throws a leg only for it to be blocked by Tasu. He in turns grabs Hibaku's leg and swings him mightily, releasing and launching him into the air.

"Fire Style: Great Fireball Technique!" Tasu of the Elements shouts releasing a sizeable fireball from his mouth.

"Water Style: Water Clone Technique!" Hibaku shouts weaving hand seals and dispelling water from his mouth. It quickly take the shape of his likeness. One pushes the other two out of the way of the fireball as it soon engulfs him leaving only steam. The other grabs the the original Hibaku and launches him downward at Tasu, soon turning to a puddle that falls directly beside Hibaku.

"Water Style: Water Excavation Technique!" Hibaku shouts as the water that was his clone engulfed his hand, spinning like a whirlpool around his palm. Hibaku aims for Tasu.

"Impressive..." Tasu states ad he sidesteps the attack. He quickly performs multiple back flips to gain distance. The attack from Hibaku drills into the earth.

"Back at ya."

Tasu and Hibaku charge once again, meeting in a fist filled display.

"Hibaku! Be careful! Tasu is known for combining his fighting style with the elements. He favors what he call the Wick Palm technique, he could ignite his hands at any moment!" Being a sensory type, Ari can communicate with Hibaku telepathically.

Soon enough Hibaku found himself dodging a flaming fist and quickly kicking Tasu away to gain some distance. He jumps backward leaving about 20 yards between them.

"Cover me, Ari." Hibaku says as he charges once more, this time with a plan. She nods as he communicates the plan telepathically.

"Fire Style : Phoenix Flower Technique!" Tasu shouts unleashing several small fireballs. Hibaku readies himself to weave throughout them.

"Wind Style : Great Breakthrough!" He ads as a sizeable gust of winds enhances the fireballs. They gain in size exponentially. Hibaku sweats.

"Earth Style : Moving Earth Core!" Ari shouts as forming seal after seal with haste. The earth beneath Hibaku rises as a section if earth in front of him acts as a shield rising sooner than the piece he is on. This also forms a shield for Ari.

Hibaku uses the earth of a spring board and launches himself in the air.

"Water Style : Water Trumpet Technique!" Hibaku yells as a thin but focused blast of water is released from his mouth at an alarming rate. His cross hairs on Tasu.

"Lightning Style : Human Conduit Technique!" Tasu shouts as his body is engulfed in a electricity field. Each element has shown it's face this day.

The stream of water makes contact with Tasu's body sending a current through it and back to Hibaku. Hibaku lights up in an electrifying display, but simply melts to water. Tasu chuckles, he was being pushed.

"Water Style : Starch Syrup Capturing Field!"A voice from behind Tasu exlaims as he soon find a himself bound to a large puddle of sticky slim. Hibaku wastes no time in drawing a kunai knife and lunging it into Tasu's gut.

Tasu smirks, "So close..."

Hibaku sighs as his body collapses to ground. He begins to make his way towards Ari. Aries eyes are wide.


A large boulder crashes into Hibaku's right side, his bone snaps. Ari screams.

End Chapter 2
Legacies Chapter 2
Second Chapter!!!! Yes bruh yes. Here it is guys. You don't realize what I went through to get this done haha. Enjoy! Third chapter is on its way!
My trust has been squandered though. I'm broken, I realize this. But how many times, how many adhesives must I go through before I finally stick. I'm sorry if I'm hesitant to try one that I got so much yet so little from.  What I lost was reality. I found paradise outside of logistics and experiments as to which I sculpted my very lifestyle. That was nice, yes.  But sometimes reality has means of making itself known, shouting in your ear until you can't hear anymore, then you want to hear. That's the catch. It's a trap brought upon by the very religion in which I pledged.  Or maybe my thinking is warped, maybe I became deaf for the betterment of myself. But don't when you loose a sense the others are enhanced. Not canceled, far from it. I'm just trying to find something beautiful to say. I took that something beautiful and turned it back to ashes. I don't know why. Maybe I couldn't be an could. I forsook myself, in turn forsaking my guide. My Christ.  I am confused, I'm not prideful. I'll admit that. But catastrophes happen, how can we prepare for that? I've been living by my tongue, my tongue is what's gotten me this far, but sometimes were so focused on keeping our mouths from dry that we take the nearest drink. I guess I thought too quickly and grabbed the venom when the elixir was just around the corner.  I live poetically, I always have. Sometimes a poets words are that of a sword, if words were weapons I guess. I'm vocalizing my own suicide. I'm not externalizing a haux, I've demonized that's not a lie. But there is a reason lionized means what it means. Why demonize and lionize are opposites. That is my inbetween.
Personal work
Chapter 1: Confrontations

Decades have gone by since the Great Shinobi Alliance, and just as years have departed so has the alliance. Soon after the legendary five Kage that took on Madara, and the legacy of Naruto Uzumaki had past, the nation's returned to independence. Though they have found mutual peace, there are still those who oppose and think the opportunity should be taken and strike first. It seems they got their wish.

Several years ago an unknown evil manages to slither in. It brought a heaviness with it, turned nation against nation, country against country. Plumes of smoke replaced the clean air of peace. Now, the Hidden Stone, Hidden Cloud, and Hidden Rain seek dominance over the other villages through allegiance.

Now, the Hidden Sand, Mist, and Leaf are preparing for one final assault in hopes of bringing and end to this strife and getting their comrades back.

The story unfolds...

The peaceful forests of the Land of Fire, Northern Border

A subtle wind blows through the forest, whistling as rain clouds form overhead. Leafs are taken from trees and scattered through the air, some finding their way to the ground and other helplessly caught in the slight tempest.

Thunder cracks, battle erupts.

A plethora of kunai, shuriken, and fire based techniques collide violently. The screaming of soldiers ready for battle pollute the air along with the smoke from burning limbs and leaves.

Shinobi charge from trees, bushes, and thin air in which they've been hiding. Waiting to make their move.

They clash.

The sound of blade wielding men and women fill the air, complimenting their cries oh so morbidly. The right side a mix of Stone and Rain shinobi, the left Sand and Mist.

Cries of pain, thudding of bodies to the forest floor, sparks, the smell of smoke, flesh ripping, mental states breaking. This was the song of war, played with grace and hostility. Non-stop as long as conflict was unresolved.

"Die you pebble bastards!"

"Worthless pieces of shit!"

Many curses filled the air from the fiery hearts of the soldiers caught in the fray of battle. Many sounds filled the air, but they all knew to keep a special ear out for orders from their captains and allies.

This man had deep brown long curly hair, covering one eye and stopping just past hos shoulders. On the tuft covering hid eye was painted a small white streak. Around his neck tied loosely was a black band, also sporting the insignia of the Hidden Mist. He also wore a flak jacket that was clearly that of the Mist's, zipped, but the long sleaves of a unique shirt with fishnet aspects was visible. He was also a clear standout among the battlefield and outmatched most there. His name, Hibaku Ushinau, famous for his skillfull wielding of the Boil Release.

A clearing within the forest bore the weight of battle. Countless of shinobi colored in the opening with an art style known as war. A commander led his company, Hibaku.

"Don't hold back! We're almost there!" He explained in hopes of raising his troops spirits. Shinobi were falling left and right, and he could see there spirits breaking. One in particular had the blood of his ally who was cut down right beside him.

Hibaku fights alongside his men, he cuts down shinobi after shinobi but they seem neverending.

Lighting cracks overhead...

"Lighting Style: Judgement!" Collective voices shout from the treeline as a large lighting bolt crashes down centerfield.

"Fall back!" Hibaku cries wide-eyed. Many men make the treeline, he wasn't one.

This was a reminder the the tide of battle can change in an instant. Hundreds killed in an instant. It is truly sickening.

Hibaku gained conciousness. He lifted himself up, smelling the burning of flesh and the smoke filled air hw knew the results were catastrophic, but he was surprised to the fact he only had minor cuts. He looks behind him seeing a shield made from earth, and a friendly face.

"You alright, sir?" A brown haired woman with a pixie cut asked. She wore a Sunagakure flak jacket.

"Yes, thanks Ari. I owe you one. No time for rest though soldier. Back to the battlefield!" Hibaku examined pushing himself to his feet as Sri nodded.

They left the cover of the earth shield to find a horrific scene. Ari vomits, but the sight of countless blackened bodies and severed limbs would make many loose their lunch. Hibaku lifts his gaze from her to the battlefield, where a sibgle shinobi stood about 20 yards away. Ari looks up in horror.

"Tasu-chan!" she cries seeing her beloved cousin.

A long-haired individual whose hair was black stared back. His face drops as a flash of lighting illuminates his forehead protector, on it the Iwagakure insignia. His name, Tasu Ackichi the Elemental. He wield all five Chakra types and is said to have great skill in each one.

"Go, Ari. I'll handle him."

"No! I know his fighting style. I can help. You'll need me." She insisted tearfully. Hibaku looks at her and nods.

"Alright." He said sternly.

"This is evil... Family against family. Evil."

A Kirigakure shinobi with black hair cut into a short Mohawk like fashion was a standout among the battlefield. His unzipped flak jacket revealing only but fishnet chainmail underneath, caught wind as he moved skillfully throughout the battlefield. His forehead protector a deep purple demonstrating his alligiance to the Hidden Mist. His name Jousuke, Iron-Clad of the Mist. There was also someone with him, a comrade.

The battle was intense, death was truly in buisness today. Jousuke leaped through tree, deflecting the kunai of the four Stone shinobi that tailed him.

"Just a little furthar." he thinks to himself.

A shuriken whips through the air from the hands of one of the pursuing shinobi. It connects with Jousuke's right side, slicing him and knocking him off balance.

He crashes to the forest floor. The pursuing shinobi are without hesitation and following him, thinking this would be they day they gain fame from finishing the Iron-Clad of the Mist. They encircle his body, careless to noticing their surroundings.

"Well, well isn't this a shocker." A red head shinobi exclaims.

"Thought you'd be better than this." Another shinobi, bald, laughs.

"Do it." The third, blonde, shinobi commands as the fourth and silent one forms hand signs.

A helpless Jousuke is pinned to the ground from a earth style technique. Stalagmites pierce his body in several locations and he coughs blood and let's out a gasp. He smiles as he turns to smoke. The four shinobi gasp with horrified looks. The leaves at their feat disappear with a poof as well.

"What is this?!" The red haired one cries.

"You tricked us!" The bald man curses as he sees Jousuke emerge from a bush.

"You'll pay for this!" The one who executed the clone cries.

"Lighting Style: Electromagnetic Murder!" Jousuke says with an emotional sigh weaving hand signs as electricity buds in his palms.

"Fall back!" The red haired shinobi yells, it was obvious he was a captain by this point.

As the four Iwagakure shinobi move to retreat they find it a lost cause. They looks down in shock as they fins their feet helplessly tangled within countless thin metal wires, a web. The realization that death is upon them cause them to scream and panic. They are helpless and know it.

"Bastard..." The blonde one curses as Jousuke places his hands to the Web of wires with a frown.

"Seeya around Ishi, Tarune, Sachi, Jinsue..." Jousuke says solemnly.

Light illuminates his face, the screams of his once comrades pierce his ears, he looks away.

It is true war comes with a price, but this war is different. This war is evil, this war... God abandoned. Former allied nations pit against each other for an unjustifiable reason such as greed. This war is the War of Woes. The war that needs to end, for the sake of the nation and for the sake of thousands of lives.

End Chapter 1
Legacies: Chapter 1
My new Naruto fanfic aye! This one is gonna be bigger and badder. I have a lot of ideas for this one. Not sure how long its gonna be. Enjoy though
Salutations! As some of you may know Sabaku Binshou is one of the captains in my Gotei 13. Well, we're saying bye to him. (Hint, hint: He dies anyway, Protecting Reimei.) SPOILER! Whoops. Anywho, i've destroyed that plot. So i'll be introducing 3 new captains, one of them is already up. My 10th Divsion captain, Iitaka! Now to recreate the 9th and the ever waiting 2nd! Wooo! I'll get right on this...
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